Académie Impact


Impact Interludes: Let’s Get Concrete!

Trainer: Danie Beaulieu, Ph.D.

This creativity day is 100% experiential and all about renewing your personal inventory and passion. Over twenty stimulating experiences designed to boost your personal growth and to enrich your bonds and discussions with your family, colleagues, friends, students or clients. These invigorating tools will surely become classics in your repertoire.

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Included in your workshop

Impact Interludes handout
Impact Interludes handout

Detailed content


38 minutes

What are Impact Interludes and how they can be useful in your practice.

Module 1

1 h 25

8 Impact Interludes :

  • Thanks, hellos, bravos.
  • The 3 rings.
  • Art of negotiation.
  • The We of I.
  • Riddle Game.
  • Successful day: rituals.
  • Chronostrategy.
  • The hole in the belly.

Module 2

1 h 02

More Impact Interludes :

  • Gap Theory (or Differential Threshold Theory).
  • Mnemomax.
  • Which side are you on?
  • The 7 languages of love.
  • Healing Touch.

Module 3

1 h 05

Six more Impact Interludes :

  • Qi-Gong exercise.
  • Gottman’s circles.
  • Main Value.
  • Stages of a plant.
  • The raspberry bushes (Himbeeren).
  • The seasons.

Module 4

55 minutes

Last Impact Interludes :

  • Bof(disengaged) or fully engaged.
  • Healthy egotism.
  • Floorplans.
  • Half circle or full circle.


Video duration
5 h 03

Plan for
6 hours

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