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Impact Techniques in the Classroom


88 Activities to Engage your Students

Many teachers admit to feeling that they spend the majority of lesson time doing anything and everything but teaching. Impact Techniques in the Classroom offers a variety of quick and simple activities to be conducted as a group or on a one-on-one basis (and a few with the help of the parents) that will allow you to devote more time to teaching all the while saving your energy and keeping the attention of your students.

The techniques have been designed to exploit and apply the current knowledge about how the brain and memory function. By using verbal language, objects, images and movements these techniques target the student’s implicit memory – the form of memory that decodes information through intuition and experience and is outside the student’s conscious control. Student’s are able to integrate new knowledge (whether intellectual or emotional) more quickly, more deeply and with greater intensity.

This book offers 88 tools and activities to improve the efficiency and efficacy of your teaching by developing emotional intelligence, identifying learning styles, enhancing memory skills and increasing cooperation and engagement.


Danie Beaulieu, Ph.D.

8 1/4 X 11 5/8″ ; 176 pages

 Book Reviews

«Just as many institutions seem to be experiencing chaos, there are always those seeking solutions to overcome the chaos of a system. Danie Beaulieu has written a practical book for teachers and trainers of youngsters that is invaluable in ensuring that they participate fully in their learning in a fun activity which has a deeper meaning behind it. As someone who helps people to re-access their biological learning abilities, I believe this book will be highly valuable for any teacher / trainer who is seeking for ways that engage play, fun, humour, as well as a strong message that enhances the very information they are wishing the student to understand. There is an ancient Chinese saying that says one learns more by being involved with the actual information. I believe that this book will be particularly invaluable for those educators who are seeking to overcome challenges in students ability to learn effectively as well as bring to the class room a host of different methods of ensuring that all students understand the information and concepts»

Kathleen Ginn, Rapid Sensory Learning

• • •

«The sign of a useful book is one where you turn the pages down, underline key sentences and can’t wait until the next class or group to try new ideas out. The techniques in this book involve objects, movements and active learner participation that will usefully « wrong foot » any class and engage the students in learning. The reasons for the techniques are based on good educational and psychological theory. I have not only read this book but have already used many of the techniques recommended. What more can a practitioner ask from any resource?»

Rob Long Chartered Educational Psychologist Rob Long’s Education Works

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«A book that contains a wealth of useful and practical activities that can be adopted/adapted by many teachers to provide stimulating experiences for their students.»

H. Bryn Williams, Head of Faculty of Continuing and Community Education College Meirion-Dwyfor

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« I recommend it to teachers and therapists alike. It explains the workings of the mind and offers simple guidelines to play games with specific learning goals. The more books I read, the less impress me. This one impressed me. »

Betty Rudd, Education Chartered Psychologist

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